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Location: At the Terrain event in Spokane, WA A tiny broken bottle in the midst of many others pulled me in. When my bottle was getting bagged up the lady very nicely asked “Are you sure you want this bottle? It is broken, you can pick another one if you’d like.” I politely declined because this bottle was imperfect. And it reminded me of the many times in my life I have wanted the perfect things: The perfect life with the perfect items and the perfect people. But I have learned nothing and no one is perfect, no one is unbroken. And through that yearning I have found that the broken and imperfect are what is most beautiful to me. I am broken. I am imperfect. And so many times in my life I have asked why people choose me. It is because the people who love me most saw me in all my brokenness and still choose me. God sees all of my brokenness and still sees value in my life. Where I find the deepest and truest love is through the imperfect. I find so much value in the broken. If you are broken, if are tired and angry and lonely and wondering who could see the value in this, I do. And this bottle will remind of that each day. It’s the little imperfections that make life worth living.

Kaylee K


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