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Detritus Desired

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Location: Chicago, Illinois

I currently live in Chicago, Illinois in the neighborhood of Pilsen. I live in a unique complex of apartments that were once designed by artists as work/live spaces in the early 1990s. Unfortunately, these spaces are now owned and managed by an individual that does not value the past lives of these homes. Found across the property are installations from artists of this time--a steel constructed Jesus hangs in the burned down church lot that joins with our shared yard, a steam-punkesque stage stands in the center of this yard, and little signs of past artworks can be found throughout the property. All of these are falling into complete disrepair. Of course, some of that age and wear is very beautiful, but not when you know how little care is put into maintaining any semblance of their structure for the future. I am privileged to get to live in this special space and it is something I cherish. When I received my bottle I began thinking about the bottle's history, how it was rediscovered, how many uses it could have, re-interpretations. I settled on wanting to incorporate it into a nook of this property. Its story feels connected to that of the other objects and creations found here. Something beautiful, something useful, incorporated in a unique way into its surroundings, forgotten about, rediscovered...So, I have glued it next to a piece of artwork long ago created that adorns the side of what is now a small parking garage. I hope this little addition to the property stays for many years and someone else will come along to place a flower inside and ruminate on the state of the land and its artworks nestled throughout. If not, it will break down with the rain and wind and snow and sun, just like the other pieces I admire on a daily basis.

--Cebe Loomis @cebeloomis


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