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Morning Light

Around 2014 I had the opportunity to contribute in a small way, to creating a museum display for some of Brian’s bottles. Seeing the way the bottles radiated the light from behind was so captivating. I had already acquired a few glass objects from various places including my own property. I kept these objects in a places where the light could pass through them. I came into possession of some of Brian’s collection while helping to move some the collection from where it was being stored. I have the bottles in an east facing window of my small garden shed. The morning sun fills the small space with an amazing glow as the sun comes up over the hill. One of my favorite places to drink my morning coffee. I have always been a collector and glass moves me. I salvaged an old wooden medicine cabinet from a house that was slated for demolition for the north south freeway project. I removed the back and framed the window of my garden shed to serve as a display case for my favorite glass objects. -JR


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