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Updated: Dec 5, 2023

I was gifted a bottle at Terrain 2023 - downtown Spokane. It now resides with other old bottles and relics collected from historic railroad sites near Millwood, Washington. I picked a bottle somewhat similar in age and color to ones I have collected myself in years past. I worked for the Washington State Highway Department during my college summers 1968-1971. The first summer I was assigned to a crew widening Stevens Pass, and frequently stayed in a dorm on the east side of the pass. After work, I would explore historic railroad routes. I found an old Dutch Oven along the original 1893 route, used before the tunnels of 1905 and 1929. Digging around, I found a few bottles and a fork. Another exploration of the site of the old Scenic Hot Springs Hotel, on the west side, led to finding a glass electrical conductor and wood brace, along with a broken Great Northern Railroad coffee cup. As Spokane was a railroad town, I hope this new bottle was somehow related to the railroad history that I am interested in. -Dale L. Strom


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