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I got my bottle on October 5th 2023 at Terrain 14 in Spokane, WA. I did a little research into the company name on my bottle. It was made by Armour and Company in Chicago. This was mainly a meat packaging company, but they also made pharmaceuticals. This bottle was probably used for some sort of medicine. I imagine it was discarded after the remainder of the medicine was used up. It's very dirty, which makes me think it's been in the ground/in storage for a very long time. I collect vintage decor and was so excited when I saw the wall of bottles at Terrain 14. The shape of this bottle is what drew me too it. I have a few other bottles that I have found myself. Some were buried on my parents property and others I found while out hiking. I plan to display these in my apartment by a window so you can really see their colors. I love imagining the journey this bottle has gone on to end up in my hands. History is such a fascinating thing! --Hope Johnson


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