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What's in a Bottle?

Olympia, Washington, summer 2023 In California 12-year-old Ned puts a note in a bottle and throws it in the sea. He wonders where it will land. Where will that be?

Later in New Zealand 12-year-old Eric visiting the beach sees something floating in, and that's when their long-term friendship was fated to begin.

The doctor saw Mary looking wan and pale. A bright blue bottle of medicine made her no longer ail.

Audrey had a special date and wanted to smell divine. The perfume came in a slender cut crystal and the evening was so fine.

Chef Chen searched for a special sauce. He looked near and far. The dinner was a great success. All from an amber jar.

An ominous brown vessel of opium caused Christopher to dream, hoping to make the harshness of his life less than it would seem.

Glass can be quite beautiful, in vibrant colors and lasting many years. It touches our lives in various forms through all our joys and tears.

So look around you and you might see a surprise. There could be an interesting bottle right before your eyes Patricia Perry


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