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Curator Val

Location: Spokane Washington. From Val to Marsha

The strongest memory brought on by my bright blue, generic Bromo Seltzer bottle has nothing to do with history or imagination. Instead, it symbolizes dedication… as demonstrated by my friend, Val Wahl, who absorbed Brian’s story and passion and then shouldered the challenge of meeting his vision.

Val listened closely and empathized fully with Brian, drawing out and documenting all aspects of his story, from extraction innovation to historical research to potential public projects. She preserved a sample in the MAC Collection and then promised to share the collection publicly in artful and creative ways. For years she has explored multiple avenues to accomplish this. First, several public art works: a backlighted visual feast of bottles on exhibit at the MAC; a hanging chandelier at Saranac Commons; an innovative piece for Providence hospital. Now, a campaign to collect personal responses to individual bottles.

With imagination, Val has championed Brian’s humanity and vision for his collection, persevering to unlock and share the magic within thousands of bottles.



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